Friday, 4 September 2015

NAIRO Members Notice


Dear Members,
As you know, NAIRO’s new website has a “members only” section, which has not yet been opened up to the membership. The reason is that we have been testing it to make sure it works properly.
We now are confident it is working well and will be opening it up at the end of next week, 20th or 21st August. You will all receive information about how it works and how to access it.  
An important aspect of this change is that our current online Googlegroup members’ forum will move onto the website. You will all have access to the new forum.
We will keep open the old Googlegroup forum for 2 weeks or so as a safety net, but, if things go well, will then close it down. If there are any documents or messages associated with the old forum that you want to keep, I suggest you extract them now.
Further information about the change will be provided next week.

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